Our Assets

Human capital

At Garrigues, we make it our priority to identify, develop and build the loyalty of the best professionals in their respective areas. In our business, talent is key.

In 2021, despite ongoing restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we fulfilled our commitment as an organization to keep all our human resources and talent management processes running smoothly and to stay in close contact with our people.

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Intelectual capital, technology and innovation

Digitalization is a strategic focus at Garrigues. Not only have we incorporated technological advances that make us more efficient and enable us to better serve our clients, we have also committed to an integrated model combining internal and external development and input from our team and clients, to ensure that every step we take is fully aligned with the firm’s global strategy.

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Social and relationship capital

In a year heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Garrigues has stepped up its community outreach and pro bono work for charitable, welfare, cultural, civic, research and educational institutions. The firm has also continued its applied legal research, knowledge sharing activities and support of awards recognizing excellence in the study of business law. And it shares valuable insight into the trends and current events shaping the legal arena.

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At Garrigues, we continue to work to ensure that our business model is environmentally responsible, enabling us to comply with environmental legislation while at the same time preventing or mitigating the impacts of our business and reducing our carbon footprint.

We have pledged to help drive the shift towards a circular economy by promoting the following lines of action under Garrigues’ Eco-Efficiency Plan: sustainable, healthy and accessible workplaces; responsible consumption; waste management; energy efficiency, energy from renewable sources with guarantee of origin and climate change; and environmental awareness.

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Financial capital

Garrigues hit record revenues in 2021, driven by growth across the different offices and business lines. The firm’s billings for the year topped €400 million, making it the first law firm in Spain and Portugal to hit this milestone and cementing its position as a market leader.

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