Our Assets

Human capital

At Garrigues, we make it our priority to identify, develop and retain the best professionals.

Our human capital strategy in 2017 has focused on the following challenges: attracting and managing talent by offering an attractive professional career; providing our people with an ongoing training program and nurturing their development; ensuring a fair and competitive professional system: sharing a common culture that observes the strictest ethical standards; strengthening our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities; and focusing on innovation and technology to ensure our management and the work performed by our team is more efficient.

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Intellectual capital and innovation

For Garrigues, innovation and the application of technology are fundamental values. During the year, the firm has continued to focus on these areas in order to set us apart and to create added value for our clients and professionals.

There have been several notable initiatives this year, including the creation of the Garrigues Innovation Think Tank, the organization of the first Legaltech Garrigues Startup Competition, the application of artificial intelligence and process automation, the consolidation of [email protected], the obtainment of ISO/IEC 270001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems) certification, and initiatives aimed at enhancing the user experience.

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Social and relationship capital

Garrigues has strengthened its commitment to serving the general interests of society through applied legal research, internship programs and awards, community outreach, the provision of pro bono services to charitable, welfare, cultural and educational organizations, and the quality training programs offered by Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

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Environmental sustainability is of great importance to Garrigues and is therefore something we strive to improve just as with any other aspect of our activity.

We endeavor to ensure that our business model is environmentally responsible and complies with legislation while at the same time eliminating and mitigating all of the impacts of our daily activity.

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Financial capital

The firm has continued to build on the growth of previous years. One of the main drivers of this growth has been our international expansion, particularly in Latin America. These results cement our leading position and prestige in the Spanish legal services industry and in the main international markets in which we operate.

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