02_Carta del presidente
Fernando Vives Executive chairman

For yet another year, I am pleased to present Garrigues’ Integrated Report, which provides a balanced view of the firm’s performance in 2018, sets out the most salient aspects affecting its progress and presents the main areas of work for the coming years.

Garrigues faced major challenges on all fronts in 2018. Our main asset is our team of over 2,100 people who work at the firm and they are at the heart of our strategy. We believe that having the best talent is one of major factors that sets us apart. This is why we strive to promote equal opportunities and merit-based promotions and to encourage training, lifelong learning and the development of digital skills among our people. This approach, together with our commitment to diversity and to adopting new, more flexible, collaborative and innovative working methods is undoubtedly one of the keys to our success.

We will only remain successful if we continue to anticipate our clients’ needs, ensuring we are their firm of choice. This is why it is important to consolidate our global culture, which enables us to offer the same degree of excellence in client service at any of our 32 offices in 13 countries. And why we must also remain at the forefront of the sector, by adopting tools and technologies that allow us to be more efficient and provide a better quality service.

Thanks to all of this, 2018 was a year of consolidation in Europe and growth in other markets, particularly Latin America. A trend we hope will be mirrored in 2019: we would like to continue this profitable growth and offer a more efficient service in order to be able to stay by our clients’ side, wherever they may need us.

Last but by no means least, we are also driven by our desire to help address, within our capabilities, the major challenges faced by society as a whole. In this regard, we have strengthened our commitment to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and we have formalized our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. We truly believe that the firm can contribute to finding solutions to the increasingly complex global issues and challenges of today.

I am confident that this 2018 Integrated Report will be of great use in helping you know more about Garrigues, an international law firm that is a natural leader in the key areas of business law and a firm of choice in Spain, Europe and Latin America. We will continue to pour all our efforts into our work and build on these accomplishments in the coming year.

Fernando Vives
Executive Chairman