Fernando Vives Executive chairman

2021 was another complicated year. Covid-19 continued to exact a heavy toll on society, with profound consequences. The pandemic fast-tracked many of the business trends that had emerged in recent years, requiring great effort on all sides to adapt and adjust.

In terms of ESG, the central theme of this year’s Integrated Report, which it is my pleasure to present, our progress can be measured in leaps and bounds. Relationships between organizations and their stakeholders are being redefined from multiple standpoints and throughout the entire value chain. At the same time, our lives are being transformed by technology and the need to support sustainable development, human rights and climate action.

Against this backdrop, businesses that are tuned into the world around them and that can adapt to challenges as they arise (at the time of writing, the invasion of Ukraine has shaken the world, shifting geopolitical balances and disrupting the global economy) will be the ones that thrive, or simply survive.

Garrigues is keenly aware of this. As a law firm, our success depends on two key factors: the trust placed in us by our clients and the legal community, and the talent of our professionals. To stay on top, we know that we must constantly adapt to the world we live in. To our environment. To the needs of our clients.

If we want to continue to assist companies with their sustainable transformation, as we have been doing for many years now and, since 2021, under the umbrella of Garrigues Sustainable, we must first achieve our goals as an organization. We adhered to the United Nations Global Compact back in 2002. In 2020, we achieved the milestone of 100% of our EU offices being powered by energy from renewable sources with guarantee of origin. In 2021, we went even further and reduced our greenhouse gas emissions. Our residual scope 1 and scope 2 emissions were also offset in the year.

In terms of social impact, in 2021 the Ministry of Equality extended Garrigues’ certification as an Equal Opportunity Employer, a mark of excellence that acknowledges companies “that notably and significantly excel in the application of equal treatment and equal opportunity policies.”

True to our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable society, in 2021 we launched the Garrigues Sustainable Dialogs webinar series, in which our professionals and a range of guests discuss different ESG factors, spotlighting those that organizations must keep front and center. Internally, we raised awareness among our people with our Ride the ESG Wheel campaign.

All of our actions reflect our values and our commitment to help build a climate of trust and security that fosters business development in a fairer, more ethical, responsible and sustainable society.

I trust that our 2021 Integrated Report provides useful insight into Garrigues, our work and our people.

Fernando Vives
Executive Chairman