2019 Garrigues Integrated Report

This is the 14th consecutive year that Garrigues has published its Integrated Report (known until six years ago as the Corporate Social Responsibility Report). This report corresponds to the Garrigues 2019 fiscal year (January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019).

In preparing the 2019 report, we have taken into account the guidelines and recommendations of the integrated reporting framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in December 2013, adapting them to the progress made on each issue and to Garrigues’ business and specific situation. In particular, pages 19 – 57 provide detailed information on our capital: human, intellectual, social and relationship, natural, and financial. This is also the third year we have applied the 2016 GRI Standards.

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For yet another year, I am pleased to present Garrigues’ Integrated Report, which provides an account of the firm’s performance in 2019, while setting out the most salient aspects affecting its progress and the main areas on which its work is to focus for the coming years.

Since 2006, when we began to report on our activities via our Integrated Report – being the first Spanish firm to take up this practice – Garrigues has gone through a significant transformation, with internationalization, digitalization and sustainability at its core. Today, we are present in 13 countries across 4 continents and we strive to be a go-to firm for quality in all the markets in which we operate; and we are tackling our digital transformation to ensure we come up to the expectations of our nearly 3,700 clients.

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About Garrigues

Garrigues is a law firm of choice in Spain, Europe and Latin America, with a long tradition of quality service in all areas of business law. Garrigues’ strength comes from its team of professionals, the values we share in each of the 13 countries in which we operate, and the trust our clients place in us. Today, we are the leading law firm in Spain and in the European Union in terms of billings.

Ethical conduct is a one of Garrigues’ core values. Over the years, the firm has developed a global corporate culture based on solid ethical principles and values, shared by its 2,114 members. This culture is key to achieving one of the firm’s major objectives – to consolidate our leading position through excellence – and it allows us to deliver a multidisciplinary service to our clients with the same quality standard across the world.

Garrigues’ international commitment, which dates back to its very beginnings and has been further consolidated over the past decade, has propelled the firm to open offices in 13 countries across 4 continents. This allows us to not only accompany our clients in their international expansion and be highly involved in local markets, but also to participate in the largest cross-border deals. This approach is reflected in the increased weighting of international revenue.

The future of Garrigues lies in its ability to recognize, attract and retain talent. Our team numbers 2,114 people of 25 different nationalities spanning 5 generations, operating out of 32 offices in 13 countries. We know that the key to successfully navigating the challenges ahead lies in our people and in a diversity of ideas and perspectives. This is why Garrigues has long been committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunities. We strive to offer the best possible working environment, so that each individual can develop their professional capabilities and gain the acknowledgment they deserve.

The technological advances rolled out at Garrigues seek to streamline processes and increase efficiency and competitiveness, so that the firm can ultimately dedicate more time to value-added work for its clients. The firm has also incorporated technologies to further enhance client collaboration, harnessing digital tech to make it easier for clients to access the knowledge of our professionals. Over the past five years, the firm has invested €53.75 million in innovation. In 2019, it represented 3% of total revenue.

As an international law firm, we have pledged to pursue our activities while at the same time advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Accordingly, we seek to safeguard and enhance the world’s economic, social and environmental assets. Our work is guided by the United Nations Global Compact, to which Garrigues adhered in 2002.

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On 4 continents



14 international offices



Who have been with us
on an ongoing basis
for 5 years



25 different nationalities
and 252 new hires
during the year


Million in revenues

4.60% annual growth

Excellence in client service


Excellence in client service underpins our day-to-day work at the firm. Garrigues’ innate leadership capacity in all areas of business law (corporate/ commercial, tax, labor/employment, litigation, intellectual property, public law, environmental law, etc.) and its specialization in both traditional and emerging industries allows the firm to offer a multidisciplinary and comprehensive service in all the markets in which we operate.

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International, Independent and Innovative

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