2017 Garrigues Integrated Report

This is the twelfth consecutive year that Garrigues has published its Integrated Report (known until four years ago as the Corporate Social Responsibility Report). This report corresponds to the Garrigues 2017 fiscal year (January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017).

In 2017, we continue to take into account the guidelines and recommendations of the integrated reporting framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in December 2013, adapting them to the progress made on each issue and Garrigues’ business and specific situation. In particular, pages 34-81 provide detailed information on our capital: human, intellectual, social and relationship, natural and financial. This is also the second year we have applied the October 2016 GRI Standards.

I am pleased to present Garrigues’ Integrated Report, which provides a balanced view of the firm’s performance in 2017, sets out the most salient aspects affecting its progress and presents the main areas of work for the coming years.

Innovation, talent and sustainability are the words that best define Garrigues at this moment in time, a challenging period in which the legal services industry is undergoing unprecedented changes due to digitalization and other factors.



This is why we have coined the term InnovaTALENTbility: a combination of innovation, talent and sustainability.

Garrigues is always working on improving and modernizing its relationships with clients, identifying new options for the firm’s internal management and applying novel solutions in legal practice that respond to ever more complex problems.

Garrigues’ biggest asset is its people. Accordingly, the firm strives to attract and retain the best talent, offering professional development and training in an equal opportunity environment.

Garrigues is a responsible law firm that is committed to addressing global social, environmental and governance challenges. We are also deeply committed to society at large.




On 4 continents



14 international offices



Who have been with us
on an ongoing basis
for 5 years



23 different nationalities
and 285 new hires
during the year


Million in revenues

2.2 % annual growth

A unique value proposition in the global business world

Thanks to its international activity and presence, Garrigues is truly a global firm, advising an increasingly sophisticated clientele.
One of the firm’s hallmarks is its vast experience as legal and tax advisor for clients around the globe, something which necessitates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the law in the different countries and a strong regional presence in continental Europe and Latin America.

Latin America, a key region for global connectivity

In 2013, Garrigues embarked on a new strategy of establishing a fully-integrated network of own offices staffed by local lawyers. Since then, we have made good on this strategic commitment and, after only five short years, we are now present in the Pacific Alliance countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) and have a foreign law office in São Paulo, Brazil, making us the Iberian law firm with the greatest presence in Latin America. Thanks to our Latin American network, along with the expert teams advising on local law from our offices in Europe and Asia (Shanghai and Beijing) and the backing of our London and New York offices, Garrigues is in a highly privileged position to reach all corners of the globe.

International, Independent and Innovative

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