Our Assets

Human capital

At Garrigues, we make it our priority to identify, develop and retain the best professionals in their respective areas. In our business, talent is fundamental. Our main competitive advantages and the areas in which we have made most progress in 2016 are: the transparency and definition of our career plans; permanent contact with universities; internship programs; continuous learning; our international training programs; and our commitment to striking the best work/life balance for our lawyers.

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Intellectual capital and innovation

At Garrigues, innovation is key to maintaining our quality standard. Our main focus in terms of innovation is client service: a service that goes above and beyond tax and legal advisory services and which is defined as the ability to keep one step ahead of clients’
needs and adapt to the new challenges they face.

This innovation-based approach refers not only to the pursuit of our professional practice (knowledge creation) but also to the provision of instruments that facilitate research and development (knowledge sharing), such as knowledge management and new information technologies.


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Social and relationship capital

Garrigues is committed to serving the general interests of society through applied legal research, internship programs and awards, community outreach, the provision of pro bono services to charitable, welfare, cultural and educational organizations that do not have the resources to access high quality legal services, and the quality training programs offered by Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

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At Garrigues, we pursue an environmentally responsible business model, ensuring compliance with legislation while eliminating and mitigating all of the impacts of our business.

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Financial capital

The firm has continued to build on last year’s growth and our goal is to maintain positive revenue performance and further implement productivity improvements in a manner in keeping with the market situation and traditional positioning of the firm.

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