This is the tenth year running we have published our Integrated Report (formerly called the Corporate Social Responsibility Report). The 2015 Report provides comprehensive and detailed information on Garrigues and its contribution to the economy, society and the environment, the areas in which we pursue our tax and legal advisory services. All of this information demonstrates Garrigues’ renewed commitment to the principles of good governance and corporate social responsibility.


Garrigues is committed to creating and generating shared value: value for clients, value for our partners and professionals, and value for society. This commitment is based on unshakeable ethical principles.

We know that legal excellence is key to remaining at the forefront of the legal services industry, mapping out the future of the industry in collaboration with institutions and contributing to the rule of law. Making a connection between the law and society in today’s changing world is only possible through a firmly-held belief in the way we do things, which, combined with significant investment, will have a positive impact on the firm’s youngest professionals and on future generations.


An overview of the last ten years

Shared value

We generate value for clients by providing business solutions that comply with the law and with best practices and avoiding unnecessary risks that could have a legal, economic or reputational impact.

In 2015, a total of 114 lawyers were taken on as juniors.

We offer our professionals all means and opportunities to enable them to have a full and fulfilling career at the firm.

We are firmly committed to the ongoing, specialized training of our professionals, relevant to the global market.

The firm is in a very strong financial position and we maintain our leading position among tax and legal advisory firms in the main markets in which we operate.

We generate value for the society we live in through the Garrigues Chairs in Law, the Garrigues Foundation, the Garrigues Collection and the quality training programs offered by Centro de Estudios Garrigues. Through our pro bono and community outreach activities, Garrigues is actively involved with society as a whole and with the most vulnerable groups in particular.

Garrigues has always remained strongly committed to the environment. In recent years, our efforts have focused on the establishment of sustainable workplaces, the use of more efficient equipment, reductions in energy and water consumption, the use of environmentally-friendly materials and recycling, constantly briefing our personnel and raising awareness of these issues.

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