This is the eleventh consecutive year that Garrigues has published its Integrated Report. This Report corresponds to the Garrigues 2016 fiscal year.

In 2016, we have once again taken into account the guidelines and recommendations of the integrated reporting framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in December 2013, adapting them to the degree of advancement of the issue in question and to the activity and reality of Garrigues.

We have also taken into account the October 2016 GRI Standards for the first time.


We are pleased to present Garrigues’ 2016 Integrated Report, which provides information on the economic, social and environment aspects of the firm’s activities. I think it accurately represents who we are.

We celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2016 and it has been an important year for Garrigues. We have accomplished our goals of consolidating our presence abroad, in line with our business model of opening own offices, and of attracting and integrating the best professionals and best firms in each country in which we are present.


Sustainable development

We provide our clients with business Solutions that comply with the law and with best practices, avoiding risks that could have a legal, economic or reputational impact.

A rigorous, responsible, principled and independent legal profession is one of the cornerstones of the rule of law. We are firmly committed to strict compliance with the law and ethical and responsible conduct in the provision of our services, as well as transparency in all areas of our activity.

We will continue to hire professionals and maintain our commitment to nondiscrimination, equal opportunities, the integration of people with disabilities and respect for diversity.

We have pledged to safeguard and reinforce labor and human rights, to promote health and safety at work and to provide our people with genuine learning opportunities.

We seek greater efficiency and novel solutions in legal practice through technological modernization and innovation. The firm has launched a series of digital transformation initiatives aimed at enhancing our client relations model, giving us a competitive edge and streamlining our business processes.

We work to ensure our offices are sustainable, healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly. In recent years, we have concentrated our efforts on creating sustainable workplaces, using more efficient equipment, reducing energy and water consumption, using environmentally-friendly materials and recycling, as well as raising awareness among firm personnel of the importance of environmental conservation.

We are committed to providing information on our sustainability policies, goals and progress and to maintaining dialog with our stakeholders to continue improving our performance in this area.

Garrigues is committed to serving the general interests of society through applied legal research, internship programs and awards, community outreach initiatives, the provision of pro bono tax and legal advice to organizations that do not have the resources to access high quality legal services, and the quality training programs offered by Centro de Estudios Garrigues in areas related to the firm’s professional activity.

Garrigues has a high degree of financial stability and uses its financial resources mainly to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the business to invest in innovation and in the talent of its professionals, to open new offices, to maintain and create employment of the best quality, and to contribute to the societies in which it operates.





On 4 continents



The Santiago de Chile office
opened in 2016



Who have been with us
on an ongoing basis
for 5 years



24 different nationalities
and 283 new hires
during the year


Million in revenues

3.1% annual growth

International, Independent and Innovative

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